Abnormal Wine Dinner w/ Newtopia Cyder

Join us at The Cork and Craft for our Abnormal Wine Dinner with Newtopia Cyder Monday, March 5th at 6pm, Enjoy an exquisite 6-Course Dinner with curated wine pairings from Abnormal Wine Co. and Newtopia Cyder. Seating is limited for our intimate dining experience - secure your spot today!

| M E N U |


Crab Dumplings | Honey Cilantro Gazpacho | Tobiko
belgium pineapple 


Smoked Blue Cheese and Duck Mousse | Duck Prosciutto | Grilled Bread | Home Made Mostarda
granny gone wild


Curry Potato Puree | Lamb Loin | Mire Poix | Charred Tzatziki Sauce


Braised Short Rib & Bresaola Chip | Baked Goat
abnormal cab franc


Crispy Pork Belly | Popcorn | Watercress | Salted Caramel Sauce | Pickled Mustard Seeds
dark haven


Almond Sylabub | Semolina Cake | Lingonberry Compote


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