Venture to the Abnormal side of things


Wine is often associated with cached thoughts of unapproachable status and exclusivity; plenty of effort is sunk into keeping it that way. But at Abnormal Wine Company we take a different, simpler route. We've opened the book so you can see how wine is made. From opting to name our wines with a straightforward batch number system, which lets you easily pick and remember your favorites, to including our patrons in menu decisions, we wholeheartedly embrace a dialogue between wine drinking and wine making.


We want to go the extra mile in demystifying the art of making wine. We've worked hard to learn what we know, and found that the information we needed was often unnecessarily hard to come by. So, with that in mind, we've set out to compile a series of informative pieces that illuminate wine culture, wine making and the simple pure enjoyment of wine.